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February 08, 2010

Kalin "Willis Reed Mateen Cleaves" Lucas?

The guess here is Kalin Lucas dresses and tries to play Tuesday night. Draymond Green said he expects Lucas to play. Tom Izzo said Lucas "has some Cleaves in him" (in terms of toughness).

    And Izzo also said: "I think he has a chance to play. I think the better question is, at what level?"
    If he does play, don't be surprised if he starts. Izzo mentioned that after a player with an ankle injury warms up, it's better to keep going than to sit and let it tighten.
    If Lucas doesn't start, Izzo said Korie Lucious would probably start at point guard. Izzo did defend Chris Allen, however, saying MSU's wings messed up early in running some plays, contributing to Allen's turnovers.
    Two more things. One, I've noticed the fan discussion here, and Izzo discussed the fan base today as well -- sort of a pre-Purdue pep talk. Look for more on that later. Two, enough with the bodily functions talk, and with one person pretending to be U-M fans, former MSU greats, etc., all at once. That stuff's over starting now.



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