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March 16, 2010

Allen honored, humbled

The following is the list of MSU's award winners from Monday's team banquet, and Chris Allen got one that none of you ever, ever would have guessed in November.

MVP (team vote): Raymar Morgan and Kalin Lucas
MVP (media vote): Draymond Green
Most Improved: Green
Jumpin’ Johnny Green Chairman of the Boards: Green
Antonio Smith Glue and Guts: Green
Unsung: Isaiah Dahlman
Inspirational: Dahlman
John E. Benington Defensive Player: Chris Allen and Morgan
Scholar-Athlete: Mike Kebler, Tom Herzog
Tim Bograkos Walk-on: Kebler
Senior Manager: Justin Munson, Robby Smith

    Surprising, yes, but deserved. Allen's improvement was obvious early in the season, but it seems like he has been making marked improvement every couple weeks since January.
    After the banquet, Allen talked about his suspension.
    “Me and coach had a little argument,” Allen said when asked why he got in trouble. “He had some words, I had some words. I had some words some more. And that’s what happened.”
    And now?
    “What happens now, I mean I just regroup after that. Sat that game out, (I’ve) seen how it was, how detrimental I am to us making a run in (that) tournament. And I’ve just got to pick it up now and let all that stuff that’s been going on go, and just play.”
    Do you and Durrell Summers need to mature?
    “Basically, that’s all it is. We’ve just got to grow up as young men and as basketball players. And I think that as the year’s been going on we’ll make, like coach says, we’ll take two steps forward and take 10 steps back. So we’ve got to get it to where we’re moving forward, forward, forward, forward instead of going back.”

    Summers did not speak with reporters, but Allen spoke for his roommate.
    “As long as him and coach are on a good page, Durrell plays fine. So coach has been talking to him, they’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and talking. I mean today in practice, I don’t think Durrell missed a shot actually.”



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