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March 09, 2010

They wouldn't ... would they?

It's official. The NCAA Tournament will include two Dahlmans after Isaiah's younger brother, Noah, earned MVP honors in leading Wofford to the first NCAA bid in its history.

    So that's four Big Ten teams (probably, unless Illinois gets Wisconsin back Friday), two Dahlmans and ... a No. 3 seed for the Spartans? Bracketisticians such as Palm and Lunardi like their chances. A win Friday is an obvious must. And the funny thing is, Wofford projects right around the 14 line.
    It's true, regular season rematches in the first round are rare and generally avoided by the committee. But maybe they just won't be able to help themselves. The Dahlman boys have already discussed such a scenario, and Noah promised Isaiah that his guys won't be scared this time.
    "I said, 'Hold on, the lights are brighter in the NCAA Tournament,'" Isaiah said.



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