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April 13, 2010

No A to Z in EL

Appling to Zeigler, get it? Not happening, he will play for his dad at CMU, and frankly, it's nice to have this determined after months of speculation. The early signing period spoils us.

    MSU's roster for 2010-11 is taking shape. Zeigler won't be on it, but Kalin Lucas will, no big surprise there. Once a human being confirms it on the record, I expect to say the same of Durrell Summers. Others may end up elsewhere, we'll have to see how it all shakes out. But keep this in mind: Other than Lucas and Summers, nine players who were on scholarship this season are due back next season. I count three who have not been involved in any kind of transfer rumors this season. So you just can't believe everything you hear -- even on the ever-reliable Internet. (Or maybe they'll all come true, and Izzo will be recruiting IM East this summer).

    Around the rest of the Big Ten, we know Talor Battle has entered his name, no agent. Same thing for JaJuan Johnson. A report claims Demetri McCamey will do the same. All three would be best off returning for their senior seasons, in my opinion, and I believe all three ultimately will. Johnson is the one guy I could see wowing people in workouts and breaking hearts in Lafayette. That would be a shame, because from what I hear (on the Internet), incoming guard Terone Johnson is special, and Purdue could be as well.



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