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April 16, 2010

Summers staying, Adams starting

First, basketball. Tom Izzo made it official this morning in an interview with the Associated Press, Durrell Summers is returning and apparently without much thought of the NBA.

    Izzo also told the AP that Kalin Lucas is returning, which we of course reported on Tuesday via Lucas' father, Ken. The way this all played out is another reminder of the way face value often trumps rumors. Summers seemed almost surprised by the NBA question after the Butler game, yet the sewing circle said he had a foot out the door. If he was that serious about it, why not throw his name in, do some workouts and see where he stands? This makes me think he knew all along that he needed to come back and have a consistent senior season. A good question to ask him in the fall.

    On the football beat, here are some notes from Thursday's practice, including the revelation from Johnny Adams that he had shoulder surgery during the 2009 season. That helps explain the redshirt -- although even before he missed the Notre Dame game, Adams was getting limited action out there. Ware, Rucker and Weaver were ahead of him as the season began, let's not forget.

    But now it's all him. MSU needs to build depth with some young players, including promising redshirt freshman Dana Dixon. Incoming freshmen Mylan Hicks and Darqueze Dennard will have instant opportunity -- and at least one of them could end up contributing like Adams did as a frosh. Mostly, though, it'll be Adams and Rucker at those corner spots next season as long as they're healthy. Not ideal physically, perhaps good for communication.


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