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June 07, 2010

Hollis: Cavs' interest in Izzo is "high" and "strong"

This is the real thing, folks.

    In a phone interview just completed, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis acknowledged that Cleveland's pursuit of Tom Izzo is the most serious publicly known threat to Izzo's MSU tenure since he nearly left for the Atlanta Hawks a decade ago.

    "There were some others that got serious," Hollis said, but the cards have not been plainly on the table like this. Hollis said there is no formal contract offer from Cleveland, but that the Cavs have expressed a "high interest" in Izzo, a development that started last week.

    "What I know is that they have a strong interest in Tom," said Hollis, who has not spoken with Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, whom Hollis called a "good friend." "I know that Tom does not have a contract offer to respond to. And I know that he has not been able to completely think through all the implications of a change."

    Hollis is helping him. Boy, is he.

    "We're meeting daily, all hours," Hollis said. "We're a support base for each other."

    Hollis also said any contract re-negotiation -- Izzo makes just over $3 million a year -- would be an annual formality, not a response to this situation. It's not like MSU can get into a bidding war with Dan Gilbert. Much more from the interview with Hollis later.



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