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June 16, 2010

Izzo reax

Much written today about Tom Izzo, including this and this, and don't miss this excellent photo gallery of Tuesday's big event, courtesy of Rod Sanford and Matthew Dae Smith. I wondered who was doing all that cheering in the back of the room.

    Other interesting takes on Izzo:

    Drew Sharp on how former players helped with the decision.

    Mitch Albom says Izzo did the right thing by staying at MSU.

    Andy Katz looks at the program Izzo has decided to continue building.

    Dana O'Neil says the decision is a victory for college hoops, while Eamonn Brennan weighs in on the MSU vs. media side story. Again, I have a lot to say about the media issue, might take a few days to let everything settle, but I will say that people should lay off Lynn Henning. He wrote an opinion. I, for one, don't share it, but he has a right to it, and he made some good points in the same Monday column. The only problem I had with last night's back-and-forth was that the clock was ticking on an 8:30 p.m. presser start.

    Meanwhile, Dan Gilbert's rough offseason continues, but he had kind words for Izzo.

    Jeff Goodman praises the decision and lends some insight on Izzo's inability to get James on the horn. I dare say just about all Nike coaches have some level of artificial and friendly contact with the mysterious William Wesley, but some are much friendlier than others.

    That's what I saw on the initial sweep. Add your own if you read any good ones, and don't worry, another Izzo-related top-10 list is sure to arrive at some point.


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