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June 16, 2010


I assume bumper stickers are already being printed.

    There's much more to write on this, much of it on the media discussion that provided quite a sidebar to Tuesday's news conference. For now, though, Top Ten Things I Took Away From Tom Izzo's Press Conference.

    1. "I'm a lifer." I knew it was possible that Izzo might say "This is it," while turning down this job, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. It will be interesting to see how he reacts the next time someone inquires about him -- which believe me, will happen despite what he said Tuesday. Will he publicly shoot every rumor down now? Will the Lakers just ignore him next week? MSU fans have to be thrilled Izzo said it the way he did. I don't know that they'll never be freaked again, though.

    2. I thought this before tonight, but I highly doubt Izzo's still here if Hollis isn't the AD and Mark Dantonio isn't the football coach.

    3. No LeBron conversation for Izzo. How can you make this jump if you can't even get the guy on the phone?

    4. Izzo's contract will be reworked in some way. Hollis said that was going to happen anyway. It won't be much more money than the $3 million he makes a year, but Hollis has said more than once in the past few days that aiding Izzo's "quality of life" is a priority. Time is sometimes more valuable than money.

    5. This happened just in time. Some media members (ahem) were starting to get a bit frustrated, and that doesn't really matter. But you don't want the fans to start turning. Five full days of deliberation is fair. You could argue that it really isn't that much. But in the fishbowl, everything is accelerated.

    6. MSU's players showed up and showed support, taking turns hugging Izzo amid questions. The only current member of the team who didn't go on stage was Chris Allen, who stood in the back of the auditorium. Allen's status remains in some kind of limbo.

    7. Kalin Lucas is walking with no boot. And Derrick Nix is changing his body rapidly. Nix appears to have lost a lot of fat.

    8. MSU is really mad at the media. Like, really mad.

    9. Some media members are just as mad at other "media" members and other things.

    10. I need a drink.


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