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June 09, 2010

Setting the players meeting straight

Tom Izzo and his players met last night, and now -- as is often the case when things get hot -- some random blog is claiming the meeting was to say good-bye. Wrong.

    I'd like to ignore stuff like this altogether, but when you get calls and e-mails on something, you have to at least look into it and respond. Delvon Blanton, Delvon Roe's father, told me today the meeting lasted two hours, and Izzo told his players the situation and let everyone say some words. To sum it up, they told him they want him to stay, he told them he feels the same way about them, but also that a decision has not been made.

    Everyone left uncertain what Izzo will do. Roe, according to Blanton, told Izzo he came to MSU to play for him, and that it "wouldn't be right" to finish his career being coached by someone else.

    "I can't see anybody else coaching my son," said Blanton, who also said that if Izzo does leave, he would advise his son to consider a transfer. Blanton thinks Izzo will take the Cavs job -- just his guess -- and he also said he has heard that Dayton coach Brian Gregory would be Mark Hollis' choice for a replacement.

    That doesn't mean Gregory is the guy, he's pretty much the obvious first name out there.

    "Brian Gregory recruited Delvon some at Dayton," Blanton said, "but I don't really know how he coaches or his style. We would have to see what happens, how Delvon's health is coming, and make a decision from there."

    Speaking of that health, it's coming along well. Roe is doing individual workouts and is expected to be cleared to compete full-go by the end of June.

    Oh and BY THE WAY. Blanton said Chris Allen was not at the Izzo meeting and has not been attending workouts with the team.

    "I think he's out of there," Blanton said of Allen.

    UPDATE: On that last point, it's possible that Allen was simply out of town, and I mentioned to Blanton that Izzo had recently come out and told ESPN that Allen is on a "short leash," indicating that a return to the team is possible if not likely. Blanton said his understanding is that Allen is "getting his classes together" and looking elsewhere. But this is essentially a game of telephone here -- player to player to parent to reporter -- so it must be taken as such.

    UPDATE TWO: MSU associate SID Matt Larson said tonight that nothing has changed in terms of the team's roster, which means Chris Allen is still officially part of the team. How involved is he? That's something for Izzo to discuss later.


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