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July 12, 2010

Chris Allen

Quick update after Allen received some TV time over the weekend. I talked today with Tom Izzo, who said the situation "has not changed one iota."

"He's got to earn his way back, and he's got to do it in a lot of different ways," Izzo said of Allen, who told WILX TV-10 over the weekend that "everything's fine, all that stuff is just rumors" when approached after a Lansing Moneyball Pro-Am Summer Game league at Sexton High.

    "I guess he's making progress with that," Izzo said of Allen today from an AAU site, with sneakers squeaking in the background, "but nothing has changed."

And again, for the 63rd time since May -- this is Izzo's decision. Not Allen's decision. There is one change, however, in Allen's status. Izzo said he is now fully participating in workouts and everything else with the team. This after Allen did what was asked while isolated during the first summer semester of classes.

There's no change, though, on the question of whether he'll be on the team next season. Izzo does not have an answer. That will be determined after the second summer semester concludes on Aug. 19.

Is it strange that Allen would come out and say what he did when he remains in limbo? Yes. He didn't actually say he's back with the team, but he did talk about his goals of winning championships as an MSU senior. So at the very least, he expects to be back with the team. Which is fine, but when you say it's "all rumors" and your coach is making it clear that it's all very real, well ... sounds like there's some work left to do here.


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