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August 03, 2010

Chris Allen done at MSU

Chris Allen's career with the Spartans is finished, a year earlier than planned, MSU announced tonight.

    Here are comments from Tom Izzo and Allen, included in the release:

    Izzo: “It’s been no secret that Chris Allen’s been in a tenuous position since the spring. There were multiple obligations that Chris had to meet in order to return for his senior season. While he did make progress through the summer, he has failed to meet all the obligations and will not be a part of our program this fall. I know he’s going to be a great player. He deserves another chance to play basketball somewhere, but it’s in everyone’s interest that it be somewhere other than Michigan State. Like every player, he has to mature a little bit. I think a year away from the game will be beneficial for his development as a person and a player."

     Allen: “Coach was straightforward with me about what I needed to do to remain a part of the team. Unfortunately, I didn’t meet all the obligations. I have enjoyed my time at Michigan State and I appreciate all the support from my fans, and everyone associated with the program. It’s unfortunate things didn’t work out, but I’m leaving on good terms with my teammates and coaches.”

    No word on where Allen may transfer. No answer on Allen's cell phone. No question, I need to get on the road back to Michigan, but I'll check in later to see just how much freaking out is done here. But this can't be considered a huge surprise, not considering how public Allen's troubles have been since March. His departure hurts MSU's depth and perimeter defense, but it also allows more opportunity for Keith Appling and possibly Russell Byrd. And in a way, it could end up helping Durrell Summers. He's going to start and he's going to be the primary shot taker, period. OK, panic away, we'll talk later.



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