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August 18, 2010

Full pads + full scrimmage = injuries

Bad news for MSU today on Zach Hueter, the sophomore offensive guard who had a chance this season to get into the playing rotation. He is out for the rest of the year with a shoulder injury that will require surgery.

    Meanwhile, redshirt freshman tackle Henry Conway has reinjured his neck. Mark Dantonio said before today's morning practice that it will be late September before Conway will have a chance to compete again. So you can essentially rule him out as a factor on the 2010 offensive line.

    In light of those injuries, Dantonio said, MSU has moved Sexton grad Micajah Reynolds back to the offensive line from the defensive line.

    Also, freshman safety Kurtis Drummond hurt his shoulder and will need a repair on it. Dantonio didn't say how long he'd be out, but it's likely Drummond would have redshirted anyway. Dantonio reiterated that safety Isaiah Lewis and corners Darqueze Dennard and Mylan Hicks are the freshmen pushing for snaps. Dennard and Lewis are running with the twos right now.

    Finally, receiver Keith Nichol missed time early in camp with a slight hamstring pull, but he is back in full force, and Dantonio said he made several big catches Tuesday. Backup quarterback Andrew Maxwell was not able to scrimmage Monday because of a hip flexor, but he should be fine.

    A non-injury note: Dantonio said kickers Kevin Muma and Dan Conroy have been kicking well in practice, but both missed when given one chance under pressure during the scrimmage. He said they were a combined 18 of 20 for the rest of the day, lining up from various spots. Although freshman Mike Sadler is still working there as well, it sounds likely he'll redshirt.

    And with that, it's time for me to take off for a while. My wife is due to give birth to our third child and first daughter some time in the next day or so. That make us three for three in allowing procreation to interrupt football season in some way. I will be back Monday, Aug. 30 to start gearing up for the season opener. In the meantime, Chris Solari and Denny Schwarze will keep this place popping through the rest of camp.

    Make sure to read this piece from Schwarze on former Spartan Jonal Saint-Dic and his new gig helping Haslett coach Charlie Otlewski with the defensive line.



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