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August 02, 2010

MSU depth chart notes

Very little upheaval in the MSU roster since spring -- in fact, the least I can recall going back to Nick Saban. One 2010 recruit is not on the roster, Florida linebacker Justin Wilson. We will be able to ask Mark Dantonio about that shortly.

    In terms of returnees, no surprises at all. On the depth chart, a few interesting items:

    * Larry Caper listed as the starter at RB.

    * Keith Nichol and Keshawn Martin starting at WR.

    * RT is J'Michael Deane OR Jared McGaha.

    * Chris McDonald No. 1 at RG, with Zach Hueter OR Antonio Jeremiah listed at backup.

    * Josh Rouse starting at FB. No. 2 is Adam Setterbo OR Fred Smith OR Drew Stevens. Can't get enough of those "OR"s!

    * All 11 starters on defense are as expected (it is Chris Norman No. 1 at STAR with Denicos Allen No. 2, a potentially intriguing camp battle). Jerel Worthy and Blake Treadwell at tackle, Tyler Hoover and Colin Neely at end. The No. 2 safeties are Pat White and Jairus Jones, and the No. 2 cornerbacks are Dana Dixon and Mitchell White. Keep in mind, though, that the preseason depth chart does not include true freshmen who didn't partake in spring ball. Mylan Hicks, for example, may have something to say about the CB depth chart.


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