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September 21, 2010

Dantonio closer to home

There's no release time set yet, but Mark Dantonio is "tremendously doing better and better" and "all indications are" he'll be out of the hospital soon, offensive coordinator Don Treadwell said today.

    To repeat, Dantonio won't be a part of MSU's game with Northern Colorado, and it's to be determined after that. Treadwell will be on the sidelines and calling plays for the game, and he said he won't be involved much if at all in the defensive planning.

    Treadwell saw Dantonio earlier today and noted that, when you know someone for as long as he's known Dantonio, "you usually can't fool someone" in terms of how that person is really feeling. And Treadwell came away happy with what he saw from Dantonio.

    "I was very pleased, looking at him, just knowing who he is and looking at the strength in his eyes," Treadwell said.

    Also, Eric Gordon appears first on the depth chart at Sam linebacker after taking a head shot and missing most of the Notre Dame game. Asked about Gordon, Treadwell said MSU expects everyone back for this game.



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