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September 09, 2010

Ford Field ticket update

Florida Atlantic assistant AD Dexter LaMont told me this morning that Wednesday was a "huge" day for sales, and that they have now exceeded 25,000 seats sold for Saturday's MSU-FAU game at Ford Field.

    In case you don't follow MSU sports and just happen to be randomly reading this blog, Saturday is FAU's "home game," they keep the gate, and this game was supposed to be played at a new stadium in Boca Raton that won't be done until 2011.

    FAU bought nine billboards in the state to promote the game, and Lamont is hopeful that a large walk-up crowd on Saturday will mean thousands more in the stands. The $19 ticket price originally reserved just for students has been expanded to the general public for some seats.

    If you're going Saturday, here's an interactive map of events around the stadium. The "official" tailgating area is the GM lot near the Renaissance Center at 900 E. Atwater. Spots are $10, and there will be live music, a CBS Radio Detroit live remote, a Fox 2 New morning show live broadcast and Pepsi sampling. Call Metropolitan Parking Services (313-568-5676) for details and to book a spot.

    UPDATE: Ford employees can go free Saturday.


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