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September 14, 2010

It's a trio

Consider this Larry Caper day on the blog. He spoke after practice tonight about his injury -- a slight hairline fracture in his right hand that resulted from a practice stiff-arm of Johnny Adams -- and his definite return to the lineup Saturday. Caper said his hand has healed so quickly (three weeks when he was originally told six) that he won't even need to wear a protective wrap against Notre Dame.

    Here are some media questions and Caper answers from post-practice interviews:

    Were you frustrated about not playing at the start of the season?

    "It is a frustration to a certain extent. I prepared all spring and all summer to have a great season, and I got set back a little bit. But setbacks only make you more hungry, and I'm hungry now. It's a big stage Saturday so I'll be able to prove myself."

    What do you think your role will be?

    "I have no clue. Whenever they call my name I'll be ready."

    What have you thought of Baker and Bell so far?

    "Oh, they've run the ball very well. I mean we haven't ran for that many yards since Javon was here, Javon and Jehuu. So now we have to translate that over to the Big Ten."

    How do you split carries between three backs?

    "Whoever's hot. It might take some time, it depends on how much we're running the ball during the game and how effectively we're running the ball. If a man's hot, you can't take him out."

    Has the competition helped the three of you improve?

    "Yeah, definitely, it's healthy competition, we're all friends, we're almost like brothers. So when we do make mistakes, we help each other. It's not like a competition thing where we're jealous, it's more just making each other better."

    It appeared you were the biggest cheerleader on the sideline for the other two.

    "I mean, definitely, I'm not gonna sit here and be selfish and jealous. I'm gonna have my time to shine, I've already had time to shine, now it's their time to shine."

    Will you be hesitant to stiff-arm?

    "Not at all, I'm not gonna baby it at all or anything. I might throw the first stiff-arm with my right hand. It really doesn't matter to me, I'm out there to play."



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