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September 28, 2010

Lucious has knee surgery

An offseason of injury continues for MSU basketball, with Korie Lucious undergoing successful arthroscopic surgery Tuesday for a small meniscus tear in his left knee. His timetable for a return is set at two to six weeks. Midnight Madness is two weeks from Friday and the season opener is six weeks from Friday, Nov. 12 vs. Eastern Michigan.

    "I feel bad for Korie," Tom Izzo said in a statement. "He's had a great fall on the court, playing some of the best basketball of his time at Michigan State. The injury is similar to the one Goran Suton had during his senior year, and he was able to return in a short amount of time. We expect that Korie will heal in a similar fashion."

    Suton had surgery on Dec. 4, 2008 and was back on the court Dec. 21, scoring 18 points in a win over Texas.


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