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September 25, 2010

The Fonzi of punters

Happy 22nd birthday to Aaron Bates, who is, in the words of roommate Kirk Cousins, "raising punter awareness" as a senior captain/trick play specialist for MSU.

    Bates also may have the closest relationship on the team with Mark Dantonio, who paid a surprise visit to the team Friday. They share the same area -- Bates' New Concord, Ohio is 15 miles from Dantonio's Zanesville -- and subtle sense of humor.

    "Everybody teases me and says I'm his favorite," Bates said. "But in being his favorite, it's a little bit more responsibility. He likes to yell at me a little more than everybody else. We do get along pretty well and I think our personalities are pretty similar."

    If MSU comes out with focus today and beats Northern Colorado soundly, more credit for the punter. This team's focus is part of his job as captain, after all.

    Also today, we have matchups and a rail with prediction. Plus a chance for you to get some "Little Giants" keepsakes.

    That's about it on the worst day of Big Ten football I can recall. Here's the rest of the lineup.


    Central Michigan at Northwestern (Big Ten Network)

    Bowling Green at Michigan (ESPN2)

    Austin Peay at Wisconsin (BTN)

    Ball State at Iowa (BTN)

    Toledo at Purdue (BTN)


    Eastern Michigan at Ohio State (ABC -- and what a treat for viewers it will be)

    Temple at Penn State (BTN)

    7 -- Akron at Indiana (BTN)

    8:30 -- Northern Illinois at Minnesota (BTN)





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