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October 05, 2010

Dantonio is here

At the presser and his first comment: "Can't keep me down Michigan week." He has been cleared by doctors and plans to be in the coaches box for the Michigan game. He didn't totally rule out the sidelines but joked that he's having a hard time moving at this point.

    He just said last week's win over Wisconsin was "the best moment of my head football coaching career."

    UPDATE: Dantonio didn't talk long today, but he addressed a few questions on the game itself and heaped praise on Don Treadwell and the rest of the staff for the job they did in his place. He will ease back into things, he said, and he would have returned this week even if U-M wasn't the next game.

    We didn't get a chance to get an injury question in, but Kevin Pickelman (shoulder) and Colin  Neely (hand) do appear on the depth chart. It's Blake Treadwell OR Pickelman at NT, and it's Neely OR Denzel Drone at RE.  The only other depth chart items of note are Jon Misch OR Chris Norman at Star LB, and Larry Caper has made it a Baker OR Bell OR Caper situation at RB.

    Also, freshman WR Tony Lippett is emulating Denard Robinson for the scout team in practice. Lippett was a spread quarterback in high school.


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