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October 13, 2010

Hump day, catching up

First, MSU basketball. An overview of media day and the months ahead with Tom Izzo's team. And a look at a junior forward with more than just basketball skills (he's also very good at golf, from what I hear).

    MSU football. A recap of the Chris L. Rucker situation, and some thoughts on the freshman from Georgia who will replace him for at least Saturday's game. I just got off the phone with East Lansing chief probation officer Matt Brundage, who has recommended 21 days of jail time for Rucker, for violating his probation.

    Brundage didn't want to comment specifically on the case, but this recommendation is fully expected, and it's likely Rucker will end up with some jail time. Typically in a case like this, it will be four to six weeks before a sentence is delivered. So this may or may not interfere with Rucker's ability to finish the regular season (whenever he comes back, which appears very likely). It could be pushed back to the point where Rucker can't play in a bowl game. Or it could be continued into the new year.

    Also, here's a call from Gregg Doyel for his favorite college football coach to take the rest of the season off.

    Illinois football. The Fighting Illini eye another big test, don't want a repeat of 2006 (not after the game, but they'd love a repeat of the result), and may have something special going. Here's a little video extra for you.

    And here's some more video. Barry Kiel and the Peter Gammons of college hockey talking about the upcoming season for Rick Comley's crew.


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