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November 02, 2010

Dantonio presser

Mark Dantonio expressed confidence his team will recover from the Iowa loss, talked about a chat with Kirk Cousins --- who was doing some "soul searching" -- on the plane home, mentioned Bennie Fowler as a bright spot in Saturday's game, and brought up the Chris L. Rucker situation again for some closure.

    Dantonio explained that helping these players have productive lives is "my passion," and he said he would do nothing different in terms of the timing of last week's decision. He did say if he had to change anything, he'd make it so more media were at the announcement.

    Rucker is listed as the starter at boundary corner, with Darqueze Dennard listed as Johnny Adams' backup at field corner. Dennard's knee will not need surgery, Dantonio said, but there's no word on when he can return to action. When he does, he's a quality third guy if needed. Rucker will speak with reporters after practice tonight.

    Keshawn Martin also is listed on the depth chart as the kick returner and at receiver, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be ready. Personally, if I were MSU I'd give him the next two weeks off so he's all the way back for Purdue, which would allow Fowler more time to show the skills that are going to make him a key player here in coming years.

    Here are three questions for the week and a look at MSU basketball as it prepares for the first exhibition tonight.


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