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December 17, 2010

Byrd update

Russell Byrd's X-rays on Monday revealed a "tiny gap in the middle of the bone," he said Thursday, and he has to wait for it to close completely to gain full clearance from doctors to compete.

    Byrd called it "frustrating" but also said doctors are sure it will close soon -- and that he won't need another surgery. In the meantime, he can start taking jumpers Saturday. He'll have another X-ray next week, and so on until doctors see what they need to see to allow Byrd to start practicing.

    Also Thursday -- before a player-run workout, with MSU unable to run an organized practice thanks to NCAA rules on days off -- Kalin Lucas said his "body feels great," including the left Achilles' tendon. He missed Sunday's practice with a slight right ankle sprain, but he practiced Wednesday and was ready to go Thursday.


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