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December 18, 2010

Things that stood out about the Prairie View game

Which is kind of like: "Top acting performances in the 'Ernest' movie franchise." But there were a few things to take away from MSU's 90-51 win -- other than the expected dismay over the fact that Tom Izzo watched it from home.

    * Mark Montgomery. He should get a head coaching job. He did what he often does, such as handling substitutions and drawing up plays. This time, though, the officials didn't ask him to sit down. As the head coach, he can stand all he wants.

    Montgomery made the best of a bad situation and won the press conference, too.

    "I think every head coach should get a day off and let his assistants do all the work," he joked.

    * Kalin Lucas. More energy, more speed, more of a point-guard mentality with 10 points and a season-high eight assists.

    "I'm just gonna keep pushing myself more and more and keep getting better and better," said Lucas, who is now just nine points from passing Morris Peterson for 11th on MSU's all-time scoring list, and 18 points from cracking the top 10 and moving Raymar Morgan out of it.

    * Another good night for turnovers (10) and free throws (18 of 22) and another pedestrian night on the boards against a smallish team (41-36 MSU margin). The boards are targeted holiday deficiency No. 1.

    * Delvon Roe (discussed here) was active, and the same goes for Austin Thornton (nine points, nine rebounds). Adreian Payne got 15 minutes and had a couple moments. A strong driving bank shot, and a nice little pass to Anthony Ianni for a layup.

    * Keith Appling was dizzy after taking a bump in the first half, so he sat the second as a precaution. Korie Lucious tweaked the right ankle he hurt in Maui. Both should be fine for Texas.

    * As expected, much to say about Tom Izzo. Prairie View coach Byron Rimm II expressed his disappointment that he didn't get to coach against one of his "idols" in the profession.

    “Everyone in here knows what he stands for," Montgomery said, "and it was just one of those things that – they said what the punishment was and he took it and we had to move on. And we had to rally from it.”

    "We know coach is a great guy," Draymond Green said, "and things like that usually don't happen to great guys. ... I know coach does everything by the rules."



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