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February 04, 2011

Dantonio on each recruit

Let's try a post with everything but men's basketball! The MSU women's team got a huge win in Madison last night, with Kalisha Keane coming through with more clutch shots. On football signing day, MSU showed more range and focused on the trenches.

    And now, thanks to Denny Schwarze, here are some Mark Dantonio comments on the individual 2011 recruits.

    * Jack Allen: "Extremely tough, competitive young man. He’s a young man that we can build an offensive line around as he matures as he comes here.”
    * Donavon Clark: “Big, physical, tough. He was one of the guys that we really felt like we had to get.”
    * Fou Fonoti: "He should pay immediate dividends for us. We project him as a left tackle, long arms, extremely athletic.”
    * Kyle Lints: "Very tough, very hard-worker. He’s going to be very excited to be a part of the Spartan family. I believe he’ll compete on this level.”
    * Shilique Calhoun: "Outstanding athlete, reminds me a lot of Julian Peterson in many, many ways. Very fluid athlete.”
    * Brandon Clemons: “He’s young and he’s still growing. He’s a dynamic person with great leadership qualities. He’s going to flourish at Michigan State."
    * Joel Heath: "Big rangy guy, about the size of William Gholston. Should be a dominant defensive lineman for us.”
    * Damon Knox: “Very powerful. Reminds me a lot of Robaire Smith. Was in our camp and hits the sled like you can’t believe.”
    * Matt Ramondo: “Sheds blockers very effectively, he’s dominant. He’ll be a very exciting player here.”
    * Mark Scarpinato: “Runs extremely well for his size. Displays great balance and power. Really outstanding technique, constantly working his hands and feet.”
    * Ed Davis: “Guy with a great motor. Talented player, moves with power, extremely quick. Should be an outstanding player for us early in his career here.”
    * Darien Harris: “Extremely quick. Very active, very explosive. Great skill, outstanding maturity as a young person.”
    * Taiwan Jones: "When you watch his highlight tape, you see him play multiple positions. Outstanding athlete. Great ball skills.”
    * Lawrence Thomas: “He’s a thumper-type backer, plays downhill. He’s got an outstanding future ahead of him. He’s everything you want as a player.”
    * Arjen Colquhoun: “You don’t know a whole lot about guys when they come from Canada but he came to camp with great size and leaping ability. He’s an outstanding leaper.”
    * Onaje Miller: “Very exciting kick returner, punt returner, running back, defensive back. Has top-end speed.”
    * Trae Waynes: "Maybe one of the fastest players we’ve ever had in camp. Mom and Dad both ran track at Kansas State, so he’s got the genes to be fast.”
    * Roger Williamson: “Plays multiple positions. Outstanding big play guy, has awareness. Was a very good tackler on the film.”
    * Connor Cook: “Has great ability to run the football so he can go with the ball and get out of trouble. Got a great arm, makes great decisions and has great leadership skills that will serve him well.”
    * Paul Lang: “Great hands, very fluid, very good blocker. When you watch him catch on film and do the things that he does, it’s a no-brainer.”
    * Juwan Caesar: “Big-bodied wide receiver that makes plays all over the place. Goes up and gets the ball, makes the tough catch, has speed to get down the field.”
    * Andre Sims, Jr.: “Very, very explosive. Every time you put on the film on him you see big plays.”


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