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March 10, 2011

Is MSU in? Better hope so

Seth Davis tweeted tonight that the Spartans are in the field of 68, period (I'm para-tweeting). Davis is not known as a bracketometrist, but MSU needs him to be right -- because the chances of an upset over Purdue were reduced greatly when Kalin Lucas rolled that right ankle with 13:29 left in tonight's had-to-have-it win over Iowa.

    Lucas said the ankle sprain is in a different place than the right ankle sprain he suffered against Purdue on Feb. 27. This one is "more on the outside," he said, and it appears to be more serious. Lucas vowed to play against Purdue but also said it "hurts pretty bad" as he wore enough ice around it to preserve Ted Williams.

    This doesn't look good for MSU. Lucas could barely move late in the game, and he had enough trouble with Lewis Jackson when he could move this season.

    I do have some good news for MSU fans, though. Delvon Roe got rid of the knee brace this week that he has been wearing since Feb. 10, in favor of a sleeve. And he said he is primed to battle with JaJuan Johnson.

    "The knee’s back to nothing," Roe said, and by "nothing" he meant no pain. "As you can see, I’m wearing a sleeve again, I’m not wearing a brace anymore or anything. So I’m really excited for it, actually, because last time he had a great game but I knew I wasn’t the player I could have been because of what I was going through with the knee.”

    More good news for MSU: Draymond Green played like a beast against Iowa, and Durrell Summers won the game with a 3-pointer, a steal, a rebound and four free throws. After helping MSU in the first 30 minutes as much as I did while munching on a pulled pork sandwich from courtside. Izzo was obviously pleased to see Summers come alive and keep those NCAA hopes alive.

        "Making a shot, making the free throws, getting a big rebound, hopefully it motivates him," Izzo said of Summers. "Because if his buddy is able to go, it probably won't be at full speed, and we're going to need some more bodies."

    The question is, does MSU need some more wins? All I know is, I expect to be coming home early Saturday, and I expect to be heading to Dayton, Ohio early next week.


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