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March 16, 2011

The latest health report

Malcolm Lee did not take part in UCLA's public "practice" today, resting the left knee that likely will need surgery in the offseason. But Ben Howland said Lee practiced Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

    "He's fine and he's actually practiced real well," said Howland of Lee, who tore cartilage in the knee March 5 but played 28 minutes five days later in the Pac-10 Tournament. "I see him getting back to his normal 35 minutes a game."

    Meanwhile, Tyler Honeycutt said in the locker room that his strep throat is "on the downside."

    Lee is UCLA's best defensive player, a guy who will probably spend some time on Kalin Lucas on Thursday. Even though he's practicing and will play, you wonder if he'll be fully mobile.

    On the MSU side, it's good news for a change. Delvon Roe just said his knee feels great -- those 80-degree temps don't hurt. And Kalin Lucas said his right ankle feels "really good." MSU is about to practice here at St. Pete Times Forum (by the way, thanks to hatrack for coming up and introducing yourself after the UCLA practice, it's nice to be reminded that you're actual human beings sometimes), and I'll be back later with any other interesting items/observations.


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