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April 01, 2011

Fun night with Day-Day

If you have some time, here are four episodes of Sam Hosey's show, "Spartan Fastbreak," that cover just about everything you can think of in the MSU basketball world. David Thomas co-hosts, as always, and Draymond Green and yours truly were guests.

    All four were filmed Monday night, we ended up hanging out for close to three hours, and it was a blast. Basketball junkies can go on and on. And make no mistake, Green -- like the rest of us on the panel -- is a basketball junkie. I think he has a chance to play in the NBA, I'm pretty sure he'll make a lot of money playing basketball somewhere, but I swear he could leave school right now and take Digger's job.

    If you don't have the time to pick through that video, here's Green's response when asked by Hosey which is worse -- a first-round NCAA loss or a loss to Michigan.

      "I have to go with the loss to Michigan because that’s gonna stick with me forever right here (pointing to heart). Like, it hurts so bad, I didn’t know the feeling because I’d never lost to them prior to this year. And then to lose twice, it still bothers me. Because it’s Michigan and I hate, just, it makes them feel like they’re better than us. After them not winning at the Breslin for like 13 years, however long it was. And now they feel like this is their state. And this is Michigan State’s state. We own this state, it’s our state. And it gives them the hope and a crazy reason to think this is their state. And I completely disagree with that 100 percent.”


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