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May 23, 2011

A stunner ... kind of

Ed DeChellis is leaving Penn State for Navy.

    That news may shock you, but as Mr. Jones explains, there are some valid reasons. And let's face it, the 2011-12 Nittany Lions look on paper like the kind of team that can get a guy fired. DeChellis is a good coach who brought some good players to State College, but they're gone now and I'm not sure this program can improve much on its one-bid-a-decade pace.

    That is, unless the community that thoroughly supports one of the great programs in college football can spare a couple months each year to care about basketball, and that monster truck challenge venue can somehow shrink into an imposing college environment. There's certainly enough talent in the region to build something if you can get any momentum going.  The Penn State administration has a chance to show how serious it is about basketball with this hire, but the question is how many top-shelf candidates will be serious about Penn State.


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