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May 24, 2011

Byrd to have surgery

Russell Byrd is set for surgery on that troublesome left foot. He'll be out four months but will be able to play next season if all goes well.

    Here's the MSU release with a quote from Tom Izzo:

    Russell Byrd will have surgery on his left foot Friday. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Robert Anderson of Charlotte , N.C. , one of the top foot and ankle specialists in the country.
    “We are confident this procedure will assist with the speed and efficiency of the healing process and ensure a full return for Russell this season,” said Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo. “After consulting with one of the top foot and ankle specialists in the country, one who has worked with several professional athletes with similar injuries, we were reassured that Russell has received first-class care from the MSU medical and athletic training staff, but unfortunately, Russell’s foot has been slow to heal. This aggressive approach will better position Russell for long-term health, while also allowing him to be on the court this fall.”
    Byrd is expected to be out of action for four months during the recovery process.

    One thing to clarify on this. Last week Tom Izzo told me in Chicago that the MSU medical staff was worried that Byrd's situation may be similar in some ways to that of Grant Hill, who had a string of ankle issues related in part to the shape of his foot. As it turns out after more info has been gathered, according to team spokesman Matt Larson, that is not the case and there are no similarities between Byrd's issues and Hill's.


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