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May 30, 2011

Looks like I left Columbus a day too soon

Solari here, with Joe out of town still. Apparently, Memorial Day will forever be a holiday of mourning in Columbus from today forward. Jim Tressel is out at Ohio State, forced to resign amid the growing scandals with tattoos, improper benefits and a myriad of other problems with the Buckeyes' football program.

The Columbus Dispatch is all over the story, including an inquiry into whether Terrelle Pryor received more extra benefits other than free tattoos.

Here's a great timeline of events from what's been going on in the Buckeye Nation. There is much more at The Columbus Distpatch on the continuing saga (of course, I have to wonder if the Dispatch's clock with the 2,746 days since Michigan's last win over OSU in football will be pulled, especially if the Buckeyes are forced to forfeit any or all of those victories).

As for MSU news, here's my season wrap on the Spartan baseball team's resurgence under Jake Boss Jr., and the women's crew team placed seventh at the NCAA Championships over the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great extended weekend; Joe will be back soon, I promise.

EDIT: A thought popped into my head earlier when Rexrode and I were talking: Had Rich Rodriguez got Pryor, this might have been him. Instead, he doesn't get Pryor, can't produce on the field and gets the ax about 6 months earlier. Kind of amazing how Pryor ended up being the downfall of TWO coaches at once.



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