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September 30, 2011

Let's talk Ohio State

Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer gives us some good insight today on the Buckeyes.

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One more for the Roe

Delvon Roe's career is one to be celebrated. Bottom line: Tom Izzo has brought a lot of quality kids to East Lansing over the years, and Roe is right at the top of the list.

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September 29, 2011

Roe and Izzo: What they said

Without looking it up, I'm pretty sure Delvon Roe has won MSU's Antonio Smith Glue and Guts Award every year at the team awards banquet. That thing should be changed to the Roe-Smith Glue and Guts Award, or they need to come up with something new named after Roe. If they had a stat for plays made while gritting teeth in pain, I'm pretty sure he'd be high on the all-time NCAA list. Here's what Roe and Tom Izzo said at the news conference announcing his retirement from basketball:

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Delvon Roe retiring from basketball

Delvon Roe and Tom Izzo are announcing at an emotional news conference right now that Roe is giving up his final season of eligibility because of injuries. He had another setback a week ago, with some bone chips taken out of his right knee. Much more later.

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10 a.m. chat reminder

Ohio State, that's some good chatting. Just click right here. In the meantime, MSU's secondary appears to have an edge and the Buckeyes have praise for Kirk Cousins.

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September 28, 2011

"I went back to Ohio..."

Pretenders, anyone?  Someone will be tagged with that label around 7 p.m. Saturday. The Spartans don't want it to be them, and many of them will have a little something extra for this game. Mike Tressel was asked this afternoon whether that can in fact be counterproductive. He had an interesting response. “I think it will be a good thing, knowing our people," he said. "Knowing our kids, it will be a good thing. I think that possibly in the past we had a lot of Ohio kids that thought that, ‘You know, I wasn’t quite as good as those guys that end up going to Ohio State’ and I think we have a lot of Ohio kids now that feel like, ‘Go in there and win this ballgame.’ So I think it will work out well with the mentality of our Ohio kids.”

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September 27, 2011

Depth chart absences, Dantonio presser

No Blake Treadwell, Tyler Hoover or Bennie Fowler on this week's depth chart for Ohio State.

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September 26, 2011

Dantonio to media: "No soup for you!"

Mark Dantonio has decided to make no players available for interviews this week in advance of the MSU-Ohio State game. Luckily, it's not a very big game.

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Monday morning, hot links

Served with a giant jug of Honolulu blue Kool-Aid. For someone who's had Lionfluenza since Billy Sims, this is quite a sight. And by the way, the Tigers are in the postseason. That's a lot of excitement for the people in this state, and now we get Big Ten football.

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September 24, 2011

Competition continues

Incredibly, Micajah Reynolds moves from defense to offense and looks like he should have been at left tackle all along, doesn't he?

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