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October 05, 2011

Dantonio presser bullet points

Looking back on Ohio State: Dennard pick key play in game; Cousins threw the ball well; points left on board; more love for Mike Sadler on his early, crucial play.

    * This off week is a bit different than last year's because it's early enough to do some recruiting, and the staff has taken advantage. Dantonio said he really does want the players to get away, keep lifting but other than that rest up and take advantage of the rest. He didn't schedule a Saturday morning practice so they can go watch a high school game Friday night if they choose.

    * MSU will put on those Pro Combats at some point to get a feel for them. The new shoes and helmets, in particular, must be tried out to make sure they fit and feel good for everyone.

    * Dantonio was asked if he's concerned about Cousins and he gave an emphatic no with a long answer.

    "I'm not concerned about Kirk at all in the effect of how he's playing the football game," Dantonio said. "If you were on that field Saturday and saw some of the throws from the sideline, I mean he had great velocity on the ball. He was putting them right on the money. So I'm not concerned, what I am concerned about is (his) mindset."

    That is, how he's handling all the pressure, which "can wear on a person at times, I want him to have fun," Dantonio said.

    As far as Cousins' mistakes, Dantonio said: "Let's face it, sometimes there are gonna be mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. But the mistakes a quarterback makes, I think they are gonna get magnified."

    * On Bennie Fowler, Dantonio said it remains a week-to-week thing. The coaches thought he was ready to go at Notre Dame, but he had foot pain and they won't let him play with that because it could lead to a break. So the hope is that Fowler plays against U-M, but there's certainly no guarantee.

    * Asked about the Denicos Allen soaring sack, Dantonio laughed and told a story about the Friday before the game, when the whole team watched "The Waterboy." Apparently the Spartans enjoyed it, and Dantonio even said to "visualize the attack" at halftime in reference to it. So it came to mind when Allen jumped over Jordan Hall to sack Joe Bauserman. A picture of Allen in mid-flight will be framed and placed in the football offices, with the caption: "The Waterboy." So is that now Allen's nickname?

    Here's that Kirk Irwin photo, in case you haven't seen it.

    Oh, and here's a look from today's edition on what MSU thinks about its extra time off before U-M.



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