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October 31, 2011

MSU's camo unis

For the Carrier Classic:

MSU camo unis

   Here's the MSU release that accompanied the picture:

    The Michigan State men's basketball team will wear specially-designed camouflaged home white uniforms for its game against North Carolina in the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic on Nov. 11 in San Diego .
    “I think the uniforms are pretty cool," said MSU head coach Tom Izzo. "They definitely put the spotlight on our military and that’s what this is for. I like that instead of player names, they put ' U.S.A. ' on the back. For once, everybody can be on the same team.
    “When I spent some time coaching the troops in Kuwait a few years ago, I was fortunate enough to get to wear fatigues twice. That was certainly a thrill for me, and if a player doesn’t get a little more excited wearing this, there’s something wrong.”
    The Tar Heels also will wear camouflaged light blue uniforms for the game, which will be played on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in San Diego on Veterans Day.
    No player names will appear on the back of the jerseys. Instead, " U.S.A. " will replace players' last names above the uniform number on the back of all the jerseys.

    What do you think? I like them because they get the point across while retaining the basic look of the normal uniform.


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