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November 28, 2011

Comings, goings, more teleconferences

Two big items in the Big Ten, in different sports. Urban Meyer will be introduced today as Ohio State's next coach. And Trevor Mbakwe will miss the rest of Minnesota's season with a torn ACL -- crushing the hopes for a team that looked very intriguing with the addition of guard Julian Welch.

    Out here in teleconference land, three Spartans and three Badgers took part today. Montee Ball, Russell Wilson and Patrick Butrym for Wisconsin. Joel Foreman, Kirk Cousins and Trenton Robinson for MSU. Today's media MVP was Robinson, whose enthusiasm oozed through the phone lines as he talked about getting to play in this game again.

    "I love to play them," Robinson said, "because it's how football is."

    You know, Big Ten football. Tackling Montee Ball, for example.

    "You know when he's coming through a hole that it's gonna be a collision," Robinson said, "and I think that's a great thing, I love that about him."

    As for being a big underdog in the game, Robinson said: "No, it doesn't surprise me. Because every game we go into it's been the same thing for as long as I can remember. Everybody says MSU is gonna lose by this and that amount."

    Not sure that's true of last season's Northern Colorado game, but point taken.  It was all respect on both sides, there were questions about the leadership of both quarterbacks, the Hail Mary, MSU's 50 percent third-down success against Wisconsin in the past two meetings, and more. The responses will be parsed out and taken out of context as much as possible over the next few days.

    Here are some thoughts from the coaches on the matchup. Plus, an MSU-EMU gamer, a milestone for Suzy Merchant, and a warm-weather NCAA assignment for Cathy George's MSU volleyball team.

    At 7:30 tonight, the Big Ten Network will unveil the football All-Big Ten teams. Check it out or check here for a regurgitation and perhaps some snide remarks.




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