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November 14, 2011

Monday news bits

Tom Izzo said Branden Dawson sat out most of Sunday (he took part in portions of the second practice) but is expected to play against Duke with a "knee strain."

    Izzo said the knee is all good structurally, but Dawson is having some pain. Izzo blamed himself for playing Dawson 19 minutes on the knee in the second half against UNC but made it clear Dawson was medically cleared to do so. He is expected to practice more today before the team heads to New York.

    * Izzo also said Trice-Appling together will happen more against Duke and probably more in general.

    * Asked about Paterno, Izzo said he wants to reserve comment until he knows everything but said he is "saddened and sickened" and also that he has great affection for Joe Paterno. Pointed out that initial reports in things like this often end up wrong or incomplete.

    * MSU-Northwestern football will kick off at noon on Nov. 26 and be televised by the Big Ten Network. Apparently the Big Ten expects MSU and U-M to win this week.

    * Mike Sadler is Big Ten Freshman of the Week after his performance at Iowa.

    * The Big Ten has removed Joe Paterno's name from its championship trophy. It will have the Stagg name only.

    That's the main stuff for now, gotta rush, rush, rush.


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