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January 21, 2012

Kearney, as in Steigenga

Guess what? The correct pronunciation is actually Brandan KURR-nee. Which is what I initially thought, then I was corrected, and now corrected again. Like former MSU standout Matt Steigenga (correct is STEGG-in-guh, incorrect is Sti-GANG-guh), I fear Kearney will have his last name said in different ways for four years of college. But this post isn't actually about Kearney. It's about MSU's other surging perimeter reserve.

    More from Thornton on the shot he didn't take and the reaction to it:   “That’s more of a Monday morning quarterback kind of way to look at it. But I would hope that maybe next game there’s (a situation) like that, (Izzo) would say, ‘If you’re open, shoot it.’ … But you can’t look back at a play like that, it didn’t come down to the last play. We had a lot of plays in the first half that really put us behind the 8 ball. Any time you get down to a team 10 points on the road, especially a good team like Michigan, it’s pretty tough to come back.”

    Today, the Spartans' defense has something to prove. And MSU should ride its interior edge to a victory.

    MSU hockey will go for a sweep tonight after a big win Friday.


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