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January 24, 2012

Senior Bowl observations

This is Denny in for Joe. Three MSU players will participate in the upcoming Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala - a showcase for draft prospects that have concluded their college careers. The trio of Spartan players who will suit up for the game are quarterback Kirk Cousins, tight end Brian Linthicum and safety Trenton Robinson.

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Impressions from Izzo Presser and Practice

This is Denny in for Joe, a spot I will be all week. I attended both the weekly MSU presser with men's basketball coach Tom Izzo as well as player interviews this afternoon.

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January 22, 2012

Back Jan. 30

Devin Thomas with two huge recoveries to help the Giants to the Super Bowl. So that's three Spartans who will be there in uniform on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis -- Thomas and his teammate Greg Jones, and New England backup QB Brian Hoyer.

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Paterno passes at 85

It's an incredibly sad ending to a wonderful life. And if you're going to read one thing on Paterno today, please read this David Jones piece.

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January 21, 2012

This whole Painter/Dawson/Izzone/Hummel/Izzo thing

Michigan State wins by 25 over Purdue and all we want to talk about is some trash talk? Yeah, pretty much.

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Kearney, as in Steigenga

Guess what? The correct pronunciation is actually Brandan KURR-nee. Which is what I initially thought, then I was corrected, and now corrected again. Like former MSU standout Matt Steigenga (correct is STEGG-in-guh, incorrect is Sti-GANG-guh), I fear Kearney will have his last name said in different ways for four years of college. But this post isn't actually about Kearney. It's about MSU's other surging perimeter reserve.

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January 20, 2012

Mark Dantonio: Giving 'em what they want

That is -- Michigan State fans, Michigan fans and people who keep track of Web hits. Now we'd like some on the earth-shattering story of Dantonio going Gong Show on a U-M assistant coach!

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Kearney, as in Tierney

Now this guy was tough. Tierney

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January 19, 2012

MSU hoops practice nuggets (plus more hockey tix)

Tom Izzo and Draymond Green were impressed today when Brandon Wood addressed the team before practice about his play at Michigan -- not necessarily an apology, but a vow to do better.

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Invitation to chat

Just click here. But first, read this column on the MSU-Michigan rivalry and see if you agree.

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