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January 22, 2012

Paterno passes at 85

It's an incredibly sad ending to a wonderful life. And if you're going to read one thing on Paterno today, please read this David Jones piece.

    There will never be a completely satisfactory explanation for the things that have come to light in the past couple months. But you'll never convince me that Paterno was anything but a good human being. Some people can't handle those two ideas together. It's called a tragedy.

    UPDATE: Here's a Mark Dantonio statement on Paterno:

    “On behalf of my immediate family and the Michigan State football family, we express our deepest sympathy to Joe Paterno’s wife Sue, his five children and 17 grandchildren, as well as his extended family, the Penn State football family and the entire State College community.
    “Joe dedicated his life to Penn State and college football. He had unparalleled success during his 46 seasons as the head coach at Penn State. Joe was a major player who helped revolutionize the game of college football. In his six-plus decades at Penn State, he influenced and impacted countless numbers of players and people at a championship level.
    “Over the past five years, my wife and I have had the privilege of spending time with both Joe and his wife Sue. We appreciated and enjoyed the time spent at our various functions together and will forever remember him as a steward of our profession.”


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