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January 06, 2012

Who wants MSU hockey tickets?

Eeyore has kindly donated his MSU-Miami hockey tickets for Saturday night (7:05 p.m.), so I'm putting them up for grabs here. Please participate only if you're able to come to the State Journal office today, 120 E. Lenawee, and pick up the tickets in person.

    First one to get these three MSU hockey trivia questions right gets the tickets:

    1. On Dec. 11, 1964, MSU's Mike Jacobson scored three goals against Wisconsin in a span of _______.

    2. Who holds the MSU record for most points by a freshman?

    3. Why were MSU's games canceled for the 1931 season?

    As soon as I identify the winner, email me at jrexrode@lsj.com with your name and I'll leave that name with our people in the LSJ main lobby.

    Also today, can't say this Penn State football coaching hire does much for me. After all that time, and now he'll stay with the Pats through the playoffs? A lot of Penn State people aren't happy. Like, not at all.


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