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February 20, 2012

Score another for Green

Draymond Green is Big Ten Player of the Week for the second straight week and third out of four. This comes a day after Green was the 20-10-7 catalyst in a comeback win over Purdue. And let's not forget the roles of Austin Thornton and Branden Dawson in that win.

    Also today, ESPN bracketician Joe Lunardi has MSU on the top line now. And that's probably how it would work out -- if MSU gets a 1, it will probably be placed in Phoenix. Would it be better for MSU to be, say, a 2 in St. Louis, with Mizzou as the 1? We have weeks to debate.

    Meanwhile, how about Suzy Merchant's team? A big OT win over Purdue has MSU back in good position for an NCAA bid. And in case you missed it, read this Solari piece on Porsche Poole progress.

    UPDATE: Quick hits from Izzo presser. Brandon Wood is improving and should be able to play without a brace this week. Travis Trice's right ankle is still in bad shape, he's questionable for Wednesday and Izzo called that "disappointing."

    He also got into how this team compares with some of his best. Talent-wise, he still doesn't put it in the "upper echelon" but he said "team-wise" it's No. 1 or No. 2. And as far as not being afraid of anyone in the nation, he said that since the 99-01 run, this might be the best he's felt -- though the 2008-09 team "was close." And of course, he reminded everyone of the tough schedule ahead and the fact that MSU could still finish a few spots out of first.


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