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March 12, 2012

A snip and a trip for Dawson

MSU brought Branden Dawson back some net to cut, along with a Big Ten tourney championship hat and T-shirt -- "You would have thought it was a tuxedo, he was great," Tom Izzo said -- and Dawson will accompany MSU on its NCAA Tournament trip(s). Izzo wants Dawson to get a feel for how things are done during March so he's mentally prepared for it next year. And Dawson, no doubt, wants to be with his team.

    Also today:

    * MSU's all set on LIU-Brooklyn film. A few managers came back early in the day by car (driven by Sarah Skilling of the MSU Alumni Association) and were ready to start logging film. Seven more raced back home in a van right after the game ended. Julian Boyd is the guy who stands out to Izzo -- 6-7, 230, 17.4 ppg and 9.5 rpg, 14 double-doubles and some "Draymond qualities." LIU, like a lot of teams in this region, likes to get up and down and doesn't have a ton of size. In a way, that suits MSU. In a way, it makes Izzo think of players he wishes he could have right now (Dawson, Roe). But Izzo said MSU will be looking to run while "being smart."

    * More on MSU's NCAA "system" here.

    * Draymond Green was named U.S. Basketball Writers Association first team All-American today. He's 2 for 2 on the big ones.

    * Izzo thinks Travis Trice will be a key moving forward, for the aforementioned basketball style reasons. He said Trice's ankle may not get a lot better than 80 percent or so, but Izzo expects Trice's minutes to go up in this tournament. The extra time off right now should help some.

    * And yes, Izzo has talked with Jud Heathcote. Jud was his usual candid self. "Jud's mad at me for Day-Day being tired," Izzo said.


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