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March 28, 2012

Harris impression/Hollis tweet

The McDonald's All-American game just ended. I've already forgotten the winner and final score, but it was a chance to watch MSU 2012 recruit Gary Harris compete with some of the best athletes entering college basketball next season.

    I think Harris took two shots, one a force that missed, one a good shot that missed, and he got fouled once and hit his free throws. He played the 1 and the 2 and made some nice passes. If there was anything that stood out about Harris, it was his defense. He swiped Shabazz Muhammad (No. 2 recruit according to ESPN's Dave Telep, probably the best player out there tonight) in the open court, had a help-side block, appeared to have some understanding of how to get through screens and play on that end of the floor. Overall, he looked long and athletic, didn't get to see much of his offensive repertoire.

    The only other Big Ten recruit out there was Yogi Ferrell, a jet of a point guard who will be well-received at Indiana next season. Some nifty plays and passes from Ferrell, who kind of reminds me of Dee Brown.

    Now, real fast on this Mark Hollis tweet, in case you missed it, here's how it all went down:

    U-M's Trey Burke, obviously embroiled in early-entry-uncertainty annoyances, tweeted: "EVERYONE got something to say... smh I thought this was my life!"
    Then Hollis tweeted at Burke: "My advice, believe in YOUR heart & mind, everything else is interference. People u seek out is better than those that seek u."
    I talked with Hollis about this tonight (not to "interview" him for a "news story," because this falls far short of qualifying, but I thought it was kind of funny so I texted him and he called me back) and I think he had the right intentions. He had to know, of course, that Michigan fans would go nuts about it. One thing people may not realize (I didn't before tonight) is that Hollis has been able to get to know Burke a little bit personally and felt compelled to toss some advice his way (if it was more like "believe in your heart and mind, and make sure to take note of light PG crop in this year's draft," I'd say U-M fans would have more cause for suspicion). Hollis talked about it with U-M athletic director Dave Brandon and everything seemed fine.

    Then, later in the night, Brandon tweeted this: "Mark Hollis had good intentions -- but made a mistake. Not appropriate to tweet one of our student-athletes. Won't happen again. End of story."

    First of all, I'm glad we could get "student-athlete" into this post. Second of all, if we completely reversed this situation and Brandon tweeted some seemingly innocuous advice to Jerel Worthy about his decision back in December, some MSU fans would have had 140-character conniptions for days. Third of all, we're all dumber for having discussed this, but at least you didn't write 300 words on it.


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