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March 06, 2012

Hot item: MSU football season tix

MSU is reporting more than 2,000 new orders for season tickets in the past six weeks and anticipates record sales, "possibly eliminating the option for fans to purchase individual game tickets," it said in a press release.

    Considering MSU's recent performance and the 2012 home schedule, this is not a major surprise. Boise State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska -- that has to be the best since 1987 when USC, Florida State and Michigan visited Spartan Stadium.

   Prices are $308 for the general public ($44 per game), $252 for faculty/staff ($36 per game, limit of two seats), $210 for recent graduates ($30 per game, limit of two seats, must have graduated within past two years and be a first-time buyer) and $164 for MSU undergrads (those go on sale April 7). Some seats, of course, also require a "Scholarship Seating gift," ranging from $25 to $600 per ticket.

    The deadline is May 1 and renewal forms will be sent in April to season-ticket holders who don't complete the online form at msuspartans.com. People who do that and pay by E-Check save the $15 processing fee. So there you go. In the world of college sports today, I'd say those prices are reasonable. But I remember when student season tickets for the 1991 defending Big Ten champion Spartans were 54 bucks for six games. (Quick, someone calculate adjusted inflation on $9 a game then vs. $24 now).


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