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March 18, 2012

MSU 65, Saint Louis 61

Well, here's your Web update gamer on an extremely tough step for the Spartans on their way to the Sweet 16. Sitting right now through one of the most emotional press conferences I've seen, with Rick Majerus and his senior leader, Brian Conklin, trying to talk through tears.

    Terrific fight from the Billikens, but Draymond Green and Keith Appling stepped up and made the winning plays for MSU. Appling's performance today (7 of 14) is quite reminiscent of Travis Walton in the same round three years ago. USC sagged off Walton and he hit shots. It was the right game plan. Same thing today. Green started it all with the tough jumper, block and rebound, then the skip pass for the Appling 3.

    "I think he's the best player in the country," Majerus said. "If I had to take a kid right now to win the national championship, I'd take Draymond Green."

    Enough said. Until after MSU interviews.



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