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March 01, 2012

Post-practice essentials

Here's the deal on the Delvon Roe thing: He's going to be honored and will be on the bench. MSU is still trying to find out if he can dress. He will not play -- he told Tom Izzo he doesn't want to be a distraction from the current team, in light of what's on the line.


    * Travis Trice said his right ankle's recovery in the past couple days has been dramatic. He looked like he was going full speed today, playing well and making shots all over the place. This should help MSU and Keith Appling, Sunday and beyond.

    * Two more injury updates. Derrick Nix said his foot is feeling good and should be 100 percent Sunday. Austin Thornton missed practice with a migraine headache, which he gets from time to time. He expects to be fine Sunday.

    * Tom Izzo said there definitely will not be a banner before the game, or rolled up, or anywhere in sight during the game. He's not sure if there will be something after the game (my guess is, there will be if MSU wins, not if MSU loses). He thinks the Izzone should be Izzonish despite the fact that only a portion of the regulars will be there (spring break). And he's hoping MSU can finally pull off a full-arena "white out."

    * There was a lot of talk about the Ohio State game and the MSU seniors as well. We've got a few days to get to all that.

    * Don't forget, the MSU women's team opens the Big Ten Tournament in about an hour.

    * And Denny Schwarze has an update on Spartans at the combine.


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