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April 28, 2012

Baker caps the day

Edwin Baker to the Chargers in the seventh round, No. 250 overall. Just three picks away from Mr. Irrelevant but I'm sure he'll take it. This gives MSU six players drafted, the most since seven went in 2000. (The record, for the record, is 10 -- in 1973 and 1952).

    The one surprise for me is Brian Linthicum, I really thought someone would pick him up. I still think he can play in the NFL. Linthicum, Garrett Celek, Keith Nichol and Todd Anderson all should get free agent opportunities.

    And now it's time to wait on those mock drafts. I've already seen some top-10 projections for Johnny Adams. I assume I'll hear Will Gholston's name somewhere as well.

    UPDATE: MSU free agents: Linthicum to the Jets, Celek to the 49ers and Anderson to the Rams. As of 11:59 p.m. Saturday night, still waiting to hear on Nichol. There should be 10 new Spartans in NFL camps in July.


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