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April 06, 2012

Farewell to John

Take some time and read this collection of John Schneider columns as he prepares for a new direction in life. Clearly, the deeply personal ones left an impact on people.

    Here's more from John on where you can find him after he leaves the LSJ.

    In the sports world, Ferris State's chase for the NCAA hockey title tops the list of stories right now in this state, doesn't it? What a story it would be. Trivia: Longtime MSU beat writer Steve Grinczel, who now works for msuspartans.com, played football at Ferris State and also served as the hockey team's first play-by-play guy. We need some archived audio.

    In the MSU sports world, Dion Sims is needed more than ever at a depleted tight end position. And the Lugnuts beat the MSU baseball team, which starts a big series with Michigan today in Ann Arbor. Then it's Saturday in East Lansing and Sunday back in Ann Arbor.

    Scout.com reports that MSU has an addition to its 2012 class in Jack Conklin, an offensive tackle from Plainwell.

    And former MSU and Detroit Lions receiver Charles Rogers is in more trouble.

    * NIX UPDATE: Not newsworthy enough to merit its own headline, but still an update worth mentioning. Nix has waived his arraignment and will have to appear in court next for a pre-trial hearing. The date on that has not been set. It's possible Nix could agree to a plea deal at that hearing. Stay tuned.

    * OHIO STATE UPDATE: Deshaun Thomas will be back for his junior season at OSU. With Thomas, Aaron Craft, Lenzelle Smith Jr., Shannon Scott, Sam Thompson and some other young players with promise, that's definitely a top-25, upper-division Big Ten team next season.


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