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April 30, 2012

Draft review: Jerel Worthy

Now that it's over, what does it mean?

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Monday morning tweets: Gholston, Cousins

Lingering concerns about Will Gholston's knee? He tweeted this today: "The knee is great love this spartan care."

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April 29, 2012

MSU adds JUCO tight end

Michigan State has added junior college tight end Jamare Mills for 2012, per Rivals.com and 247Sports.com. If there's a position on this MSU team that needs help, this is it (receiver may be young but there are a lot of options there), and Mills could help solve that.

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MSU winners: Mayhem, women's golf

Anyone remember the buzz Seth Mitchell created as a freshman linebacker in MSU's preseason camp in 2001? The severity of the knee injury he suffered during that camp? The explosion he showed at times in 2003 even though it was obvious his football career couldn't go on much longer? This guy might be a heavyweight champ some day soon.

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April 28, 2012

Baker caps the day

Edwin Baker to the Chargers in the seventh round, No. 250 overall. Just three picks away from Mr. Irrelevant but I'm sure he'll take it. This gives MSU six players drafted, the most since seven went in 2000. (The record, for the record, is 10 -- in 1973 and 1952).

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Robinson to Niners, Cunningham to Dolphins

San Francisco took Trenton Robinson with the 10th pick of the sixth round, No. 180 overall, giving MSU four draftees -- its most since 2005. And at No. 183, B.J. Cunningham goes to the Dolphins, giving MSU five draftees -- its most since 2002.

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Spring game final: White 14, Green 2

The big question? Who got hurt? Will Gholston has a bruised right knee, according to information BTN sideline reporter Lisa Byington got on the field. Denzel Drone hurt his left leg and was on crutches afterward. Larry Caper barely played, the word from Spartan Radio's Adam Ruff is a slight concussion. Le'Veon Bell also barely played and was limping a bit after the game.

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Keshawn Martin to Texans in 4th

Hey, that one makes perfect sense! The folks who were high on Keshawn Martin's NFL potential look smart right now -- he goes in the fourth round, No. 121 overall, to the Houston Texans.

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Redskins (!) take Cousins

Kirk Cousins is off the draft board. And he's joining Heisman winner Robert Griffin III in Washington. The Redskins took Cousins in the fourth round with the 102nd overall pick -- after taking Griffin with second overall pick.

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Spring game primer

No Andrew Maxwell? No deal breaker. There's plenty to watch and analyze in today's spring game at Spartan Stadium -- but dress in layers and perhaps rain gear.

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