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April 28, 2012

Let me know when something shocking happens

Todd McShay is surprised, other analysts are surprised, Kirk Cousins and his agent are no doubt surprised. Everyone expected him to go in the second or third round. He's still on the board after three rounds and 95 picks, with seven quarterbacks gone -- including Russell Wilson and Nick Foles, to the team (Philly) that showed Cousins the most love in this process. But still ... it's not like the fourth round is some outlandish result for Cousins.

    If he doesn't go by the end of the fifth round, then it'll be time to wonder how many people could have been so wrong about him. But there are some criticisms and concerns out there. There are things he needs to improve. A lot of NFL executives would still rather go for measurables (Brock Osweiler comes to mind) than intangibles. I'm surprised by that one, and I am surprised Wilson went before Cousins, because of the height thing -- but I also think Wilson could be a really good NFL quarterback. Intelligence, poise, arm, mobility. It's not crazy.

    I'm less surprised that Foles went ahead of Cousins, just because Foles has that size and the big arm. Yes, Cousins technically "beat him out" at MSU (though they hadn't really started competing, it's just that Cousins' teammates picked him ahead of Foles in the '08 spring draft). Foles transferred away after Keith Nichol transferred in. And then Foles went to Arizona and got better, had a great career and set himself up to be drafted. Again, not crazy. They were pretty much considered equals for the past year. But those mocks can skew expectations in a hurry. It must have been tough for Cousins to see Foles go to the Eagles after all the praise that organization sent his way during the process. But Cousins was rightly skeptical of everything he heard before the draft.

    It was probably a long night at the Cousins home in Holland. But he'll wake up tomorrow, get some breakfast, get drafted around lunch time and still manage to have some of that prove-you-wrong motivation that seemed to be a big part of his success at MSU.

    Tonight from Green Bay, thoughts on the Packers' newest 3-4 defensive end.


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