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April 12, 2012

Lippett out and other football notes

Tony Lippett may miss the rest of the spring with an ankle injury, Mark Dantonio said today. Meanwhile, Jeremy Langford has moved from running back to receiver -- Dantonio said Langford is too athletic to be working as the No. 4 running back.

    Also today:

    * Darqueze Dennard will miss the rest of the spring with a shoulder injury. Also at the corner position, Dantonio said backup Trae Waynes may get a look at safety. Dantonio called that an "outside the box" thought, based on the fact that Waynes is a physical player.

    * MSU is still waiting on the DeAnthony Arnett appeal.

    * Dan France is getting some work at left guard, Dantonio said, and is showing he can play there. That's not to say it's going to be Burkland-France on the left side, but it's being entertained.

    * Le'Veon Bell is having an "outstanding spring," Dantonio said, and he followed that by joking that Bell isn't "complacent" -- a nod to the Dantonio-Bell-presser-complacency flap at the beginning of the spring.

    * On the tight end depth chart, Dantonio mentioned Andrew Gleichert, Derek Hoebing and Denzel Drone after starter Dion Sims.

    * Tyler Hoover is doing work at the nose while Anthony Rashad White works at the 3 technique, but Dantonio expects White to end up playing mostly the nose. This is mostly to get Hoover as much experience as possible at both spots, and Dantonio wants them to be able to play both positions. He also said James Kittredge is having a good spring, and he said Micajah Reynolds has to figure out where he wants to play. Reynolds is working on defense right now.

    * Another Darien Harris mention. Dantonio threw him out there, unprompted, as a guy who is impressing this spring.

    * Corey Freeman is out for the spring after surgery (Dantonio didn't specify the injury), but he would be the No. 3 end if healthy, Dantonio said. He also said Joel Heath and Shilique Calhoun are impressing.

    * Asked about leadership, Dantonio acknowledged that MSU is still looking to fill that void. He said Chris Norman should be a leader but can't do as much since he has a shoulder injury and isn't playing. He mentioned Max Bullough, Andrew Maxwell and Larry Caper as guys with leadership potential. No surprise with any of the three.



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